Cocoa Beans


The seed of the cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao Linnoeus) which is fermented and dried. Cocoa of merchantable quality must be fermented, thoroughly dry, free from smoky beans, free from abnormal or foreign odours and free from any evidence of adulteration.

Reasonably uniform in size, reasonably free from broken beans, fragments and pieces of shell, and be virtually free from foreign matter such as stone, tramp metal or other matters likely to cause damage to the processing plant

To comply in all respects with the regulations laid down in the international Cocoa Standards

QUANTITY : BASE ON REQUEST  Moisture (typically)  -           6.00% - 8.00%

Fat (typically)          -           55.0% to 59.00% (in dry nib)

Free Fatty acid level   -           1.00% maximum